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DermaMedics Professional Skin Care Logo

About DermaMedics Professional

DermaMedics is a skin care company that specializes in the discovery of technologies for the dermatology market. DermaMedics has broad expertise in molecular based skin research and uses this expertise to identify botanically derived chemical compounds that display pronounced biological activities that are beneficial to the skin. DermaMedics' skin biochemistry research program originated at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center and the discoveries made there were transferred to the company in 2011.  Through licensing agreements, DermaMedics makes its patented technologies available to pharmaceutical companies that specialize in dermatology product development. In addition, DermaMedics utilizes its expertise in skin science  to develop novel skin care products that are specifically designed for the physician and other medical professionals.

The DermaMedics Difference

  • Novel patented and patent-pending "library" of botanically derived compounds with pronounced biological activities that are uniquely beneficial to dermatology applications. 
  • All formulation ingredients are specifically selected to be extremely gentle and non-irritating regardless of how damaged the skin may be.
  • Clinically proven technology.

The Scientific Approach to Developing Skin Care Products

Building an effective skin care product is not a mystery: it simply requires adhering to three basic steps in product development.

  1. Use ingredients in the product that have been scientifically proven to improve skin appearance.
  2. Use a precise and optimal amount of these ingredients in the formulation.
  3. Design the formulation to deliver the beneficial ingredients across the skin's surface when applied topically.

DermaMedics Products Offer Unmatched Benefits for Improving Skin Appearance

  • Only DermaMedics products contain the company’s patented and patent- pending technology and formulation development expertise.
  • Unlike most other skin care companies, DermaMedics products do not contain crude plant “extracts” containing hundreds of unknown chemicals that can cause skin sensitization.
  • DermaMedics designs and tests every formulation on human skin to not only optimize effectiveness, but to ensure sure that each formulation is extremely gentle and soothing when applied to skin regardless of the skin condition.