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retinol perfecting serum

retinol perfecting serum

is a non-irritating retinol complex combines Retinol plus Therosol provide the benefits of Retinol without the redness or irritation seen in most Retinol products.


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DermaMedics retinol perfecting serum

What is DermaMedics’ Retinol Perfecting Serum?

Vitamin A is a naturally occurring chemical compound that has been shown to improve the appearance of aging skin when applied topically. Many forms of Vitamin A exist, including Retinol, Retinaldehyde, Retinyl Propionate, as well as the most potent and prescription
only form of the vitamin, Retinoic acid. While effective in visibly reducing fine lines and wrinkles and in promoting the appearance of a more youthful complexion, all forms of Vitamin A can cause skin dryness and redness. DermaMedics Retinol Perfecting Serum contains a proprietary complex of Retinol, Retinol ester and Therosol®, which work together to produce a breakthrough serum that provides all of the appearance improvements in aging skin one expects from a Vitamin A skin care product but without the redness, irritation and dryness typically seen with Retinol products.


How do I use Retinol Perfecting Serum?

1. Cleanse – Always apply Retinol Perfecting Serum to clean skin. Wet the face with warm water and apply 2-3 pumps of the soap-free and pH balanced, Foaming Facial Cleanser. Gently spread around face and allow to remain on face for at least 60 seconds before rinsing off. Rinse face with warm water and blot dry with a soft towel.

2. Retinol Perfecting Serum – After cleansing in the evening, apply a SMALL amount of Retinol Perfecting Serum to the face or other areas of concern. Spread the product evenly over the face and allow the product to absorb naturally. Do not rub it in. If more moisturization is required, once the Retinol Perfecting Serum has absorbed, the
application of Facial Moisturizing Treatment is recommended. Retinol Perfecting Serum is gentle enough to use in the morning as well as in the evening. If applying Retinol Perfecting Serum in the morning, a zinc oxide sunscreen should be applied after the serum has completely absorbed.

If you are a first time user of Retinol Perfecting Serum it is VERY important that you first test the product on a small area of the face for at least 3 days before using it over large areas. This 3 day test period will allow you to determine if your skin is compatible with Retinol Perfecting Serum or if you may have a sensitivity to the product (see below for more information).


Are there any concerns I should know about using Retinol Perfecting Serum?

Skin Allergy/Sensitivity

As stated above, Retinol Perfecting Serum contains Therosol®III complex, a mixture of pure plant derived ingredients. These ingredients are found naturally in olives, cloves, and cinnamon and have an excellent safety profile. However, since one or more of these ingredients is also found in perfumes, someone who had previously become sensitized to a perfume that contains these ingredient may then be sensitized to this product. A sensitization reaction can occur very quickly and cause the skin to turn red and/or become itchy. This is why it is important to first test Retinol Perfecting Serum on a small area of your skin for at least 3 days before applying it to other areas of the face.

Cyclomethicone (aka Cyclopentasiloxane) and Dimethiconol

A blend of 2 skin-friendly silicones that produce a greaseless, fast–absorbing, elegant feel when applied to the skin. They can quickly penetrate into the top-most layer of the skin (stratum corneum) where they help to reduce water loss, thus allowing the skin to retain moisture. This silicone blend is non-irritating and non-comedogenic.

Retinol Complex (Retinol + Retinol Propionate)

There are several forms of Vitamin A, including retinol,retinaldehyde, and retinyl palmitate, that have been shown to improve the appearance of aging skin. However, skin irritation,
redness, and dryness have been common problems with all forms of Vitamin A used in skin care formulations, and these problems have limited product use. In Retinol Perfecting Serum, Retinol and its ester, Retinyl Propionate are blended together with Therosol®, resulting in a unique serum that maximizes the appearance benefits of Vitamin A but without the redness and dryness caused by typical Retinol products.

Squalane, Jojoba Oil

These two oils are similar to oils produced in the skin but which decline with age. Both oils are excellent emollients for dry and damaged skin. Squalane and jojoba help prevent
water loss and help protect the skin’s surface barrier.

Therosol® Complex

This is a patent-pending mixture of two plant-derived antioxidants that have been shown to have beneficial effects on skin appearance. Not only do these two antioxidants combat the visible signs of aging, they have been clinically shown to improve skin texture and reduce visible redness.