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Identification of Bioactive Compounds

Typically, research scientists use state-of-the-art molecular biology screening methods and in vitro cell culture models to identify and characterize bioactive compounds that alter skin cell function in beneficial ways. Bioactive compound "candidates" are evaluated using a rigorous multi-step screening program that determines:

  • The types of skin cells affected by the bioactive compound.
  • The specific cellular and molecular signaling pathways and cellular events in each cell type that are regulated by the compound.
  • The effect of each bioactive compound on the expression of skin specific genes (over 5000 genes can be screened at one time) to determine any NEGATIVE as well as POSITIVE effects on skin cells.
  • The effect of each compound on the production and secretion of inflammatory hormones and on proteins involved in skin structure.
  • The potency of each compound in regulating cellular and molecular processes.

Different screening strategies are utilized by different laboratories to determine the effects of a compound on either: 1) inflammation pathways, or 2) anti-aging events.

Choose a link below to learn more about each particular screening strategy.