DermaRad Relief Foaming Cleanser is an extremely gentle cleanser specifically designed for use by cancer patients whose skin has been damaged by radiation and/or chemotherapy treatments. This cleanser is soap-free and has been formulated with skin moisturizers as well as a unique blend of mild, yet highly effective skin cleansing surfactants. It is pH balanced to the pH of your skin. Cleanser pumps out in a rich foam. 5oz 

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Cancer Patient Responses Regarding the Use of DermaRad Relief® Skin Care

(Response from 49 Patients)

93.8% of patients surveyed were satisfied or more than satisfied with cosmetic benefits of DermaRad Relief®. (46 out of 49 patients – 23 very satisfied, 23 satisfied, and 3 not satisfied)

91.8% of patients of patients surveyed would recommend DermaRad Relief® to a friend with cancer that was experiencing cosmetic skin care appearance problems because of their treatment

Why Use Our DermaRad Relief System?

Cancer patients undergoing radiation treatment will likely experience significant cosmetic skin problems such as dryness, skin roughness and redness. These conditions typically worsen as radiation treatments progress. To help maintain a healthy looking skin, patients need to use creams or lotions that provide extremely high levels of moisturizing oils, humectants, and antioxidants. DermaRad Relief Rehydrating Emulsion was specifically designed to meet the skin care needs of radiation patients. This unique formulation utilizes gentle, skin friendly oils and humectants resulting in a highly moisturizing lotion that is soothing and gentle to sensitive and damaged skin. In addition, the patented antioxidants in DermaRad Relief are potent inhibitors of surface free radicals.

The DermaRad Advantage

  • DermaRad eliminates skin dryness and rough texture caused by radiation damage to the skin.
  • DermaRad Relief contains high levels of oils, humectants and potent antioxidants to help keep your skin hydrated with a soft and smooth texture
  • DermaRad is clinically tested for use during radiation treatments
  • DermaRad is dermatologist recommended for use during radiation
  • DermaRad Relief’s high levels of moisturizing ingredients helps skin retain its robust and healthy appearance throughout the entire treatment period.
  • DermaRad Relief is the best and most moisturizing product to use during radiation
  • Only DermaRad Relief contains our proprietary and patented antioxidants
  • The antioxidants in DermaRad inactivate destructive free radicals
  • DermaRad is designed to be extremely soothing and gentle for sensitive skin
  • Non-tacky, non-sticky, rapidly absorbs into the skin and leaves no greasy film
  • Nurtures skin to achieve a youthful, healthy skin appearance
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How It Works

DermaRad Relief Gentle Foaming Cleanser is the only cleanser that should be used on skin that has become dry, rough and irritated from radiation treatments. Unlike other cleansers that contain harsh alkali based cleansing agents or lauryl sulfates which can damage the skin and cause more dryness, this Foaming Cleanser contains 2 very gentle surfactants that clean without drying out the skin. In addition, the cleanser is pH balanced to 7 which is much closer to the skin’s own pH than a pH of 10 or 11 that is typical of most soaps and cleansers. Finally, the cleanser dispenses as a foam which can be spread gently on the skin without rubbing.

Directions For Use

Gentle Foaming Cleanser

The skin that is being treated with radiation should be cleaned with the Foaming Cleanser at least twice a day. Dispense a rich foam onto your hands and gently apply this to the skin with a light circular motion. Leaving the cleanser on the skin for 1 minute will help maximizing cleansing. After 1 minute rinse with warm water and blot dry. This cleanser is soap-free and will not dry out sensitive skin or make it feel tight. The Cleanser is also pH balanced to the same pH as your skin to ensure mildness.

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Ingredients FAQs


Please view our list below to learn about all our active ingredients.

Item Ingredients

DermaRad Gentle Foaming Cleanser

Purified Water, Decyl Glucoside, Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate, Glycerin, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Butylene Glycol, PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate, Sodium PCA, Propylene Glycol (and) Diazolidinyl Urea (and) Methylparaben (and) Propylparaben, PEG-5M, Disodium EDTA, 4-Propyl Guaiacol, Lactic Acid, Fragrance

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Why should I use DermaRad Relief® Gentle Foaming Cleanser during my radiation treatments rather than the cleanser I currently use?

Radiation can damage normal, healthy skin, causing the skin to lose needed oils and water. As you go through your radiation treatments, you may notice that your skin is becoming red, tender and sensitive to touch and that it feels dry. In order to help prevent moisture loss while at the same time keeping your skin clean, it’s important to use the right cleanser. You don’t want to use soap or any cleanser that leaves your skin feeling dry and “tight” after you dry off. Many well- known soaps and facial cleansers contain ingredients that can strip essential oils from the skin, drying the skin out. In addition, many cleansers, including those designed for “sensitive skin”: 1. Contain Cocamidopropyl betaine, a common cleansing agent that can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions. 2. Contain sodium tallowate that dries and irritates the skin (sodium tallowate is the classical form of soap, which is made by combining tallowate- animal fat with alkali). 3. Have a pH value of 10 or higher whereas your skin has a much lower pH (near 5-6). High pH cleansers are hard on your skin. 4. Do not contain moisturizers. DermaRad Relief® Gentle Foaming Cleanser has been specifically made for use on damaged and severely dry skin. This Foaming Cleanser: 1. Contains NO soap, and no harsh cleansing agents. Only very mild surfactants (cleansing agents) are used. 2. Is pH balanced to pH 7.0 (neutral pH). This pH is compatible with all skin types. 3. Contains moisturizing humectants including glycerin to help maintain proper skin hydration. 4. Contains patented antioxidants. 5. Dispenses gently onto the skin as a rich foam. It is great for tender and damaged skin since no vigorous rubbing is required.

How often should I use the DermaRad Relief® Gentle Foaming Cleanser?

You should use the cleanser every time you bathe. It should be the ONLY cleanser you use on the area of skin being irradiated. In addition, because this cleanser is SOAP-FREE, pH balanced, and moisturizing, it is an excellent cleanser for the entire body, especially the face.

Can I continue to use the DermaRad Relief® Gentle Foaming Cleanser on my skin after my radiation treatments are over?

Absolutely. Although the cleanser is extremely gentle, it thoroughly removes dirt, oils and makeup without leaving the skin feeling dry and tight. It is excellent for healthy as well as damaged skin.

What changes to my skin can I expect when going through 15-30+ radiation treatments?

While radiation therapy is extremely effective for destroying cancer cells, it can also cause some damage to normal skin. Typically, you won’t notice much change in your skin over the first 6 or 7 treatments, but after that the skin will become a little red. This will look like a mild sunburn. As the treatments progress the redness will increase and the skin will become sore to the touch. In order to minimize the damage to the skin and the discomfort caused by radiation, it is extremely important to keep the skin moisturized throughout your treatments.

I see that the DermaRad Relief Topical Rehydrating Emulsion is sold in a 4 pack. Do I really need to order this much? Won’t one tube be enough.

One tube of DermaRad Relief will not be nearly enough to last through 15-30 radiation treatments. The product needs to be applied at least 3 times a day and must be put on liberally in order to help your skin maintain its healthy appearance

I was told by my radiation oncologist that instead of receiving 30-35 radiation treatments, they will use a newer method, called “hypofractionated radiation” which will reduce the number of treatments to around 15 over 3 weeks. Does this mean I’m getting less radiation?

No, the amount of total radiation you’ll receive will be equivalent to that you’d get if you had 30-35 treatments. The difference is that you will receive a higher dose of radiation at each treatment.

My radiation oncologist mentioned that they might to a “boost” treatment near the end of my radiation therapy. What is that?

After radiation therapy to the larger inked area, your radiation oncologist may decide to give additional radiation treatment to the part of the breast that had the original tumor. This “boost” will target more radiation to the area of higher risk for breast cancer recurrence.

I was told that for part of my breast cancer radiation treatment a “bolus” will be used. What is that?

If the radiation oncologist is concerned about cancer cells being near the skin’s surface, a radiation bolus is sometimes used to provide a higher dose of radiation at the skin’s surface. The bolus essentially “raises’ the depth of the radiation energy toward the skin’s surface to make sure any cancer cells near the surface are killed.

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