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intensive relief lotion

intensive relief lotion

has been specifically formulated to soothe, re-hydrate and reduce visible redness in damaged skin.


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DermaMedics intensive relief lotion

What is DermaMedics’ Intensive Relief?

Intensive Relief has been specifically formulated to re-hydrate the skin and to replenish lost oils. This lotion also contains a high (extra strength) concentration of Therosol®, a proprietary and patent-pending antioxidant that has been clinically shown to reduce redness, dryness and to improve skin texture.


What is Intensive Relief used for?

This moisturizing lotion is used to hydrate as well as help improve the appearance of skin. It also provides the correct moisturizing environment to improve skin smoothness and texture. It is gentle enough to use on even damaged skin without irritating it..  Intensive Relief’s soothing and moisturizing effects are excellent for weathered skin.


How do I use Intensive Relief?

After cleansing skin with DermaMedics’ Foaming Facial Cleanser, apply Intensive Relief evenly and liberally to all desired areas of the skin. Intensive Relief  may cause mild tingling or warmth when first applied. This will subside in a minute or two. Because of its soothing, moisturizing properties, Intensive Relief can be applied as frequently as necessary. For best results, it should be used at least twice a day. If using in combination with any other product, allow the first product to fully absorb before applying the other. As with any product, if irritation develops discontinue use.


Are there any concerns regarding the use of Intensive Relief?

No Sunscreen

Intensive Relief does not contain any sunscreen. Because of this, if the product is going to be applied in the morning to sun exposed areas, it is recommended that a lightly moisturizing lotion with an SPF of 15 or higher be applied to these areas after Intensive Relief has completely absorbed into the skin.

Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride

This naturally occurring triglyceride is prepared from coconut oil as well as from other plants. It is widely used in skin care products because it leaves a soft, non-greasy feel on the skin, improves spreading of creams & lotions, and is an excellent vehicle & solvent for active ingredients


Also known as Vitamin B3, niacinamide has been shown to help to improve skin texture and to reduce water loss.

Tocopheryl Acetate

Also known as Vitamin E acetate, tocopheryl acetate is an excellent antioxidant and helps protect the skin by neutralizing free radicals.


This excellent humectant absorbs and retains moisture in the skin. It is extremely mild when applied topically, and can be used at high concentrations.

Therosol® (4-propyl guaiacol)

Therosol® is a proprietary and patent-pending botanically derived antioxidant that helps reduce facial redness.