Calm & Correct Pain Relief Serum w/3% Lidocaine


Calm and Correct Pain Relief Serum is a gentle silicone-based serum that contains 3% lidocaine. For over 70 years, silicones have been the #1 choice of doctors and hospitals for burn and wound healing dressings. They are are hypo-allergenic, non-irritating, non-comedogenic, non-sticky, and they can be applied to broken, burned, abraded and wounded skin with no irritation. They are used in hospital wound dressings to protect the damaged skin, prevent water loss and to minimize scarring. Because Calm and Correct Pain Relief Serum is silicone based it glides onto the skin with no rubbing and no stinging. Further, unlike all lotions and creams, this product contains no emulsifiers that can irritate skin that's blistered, abraded, or burned. Three skin friendly oils to moisturize and prevent dehydration, PATENTED THEROSOL® Super antioxidant complex soothes and calms skin, PATENTED Formulation reduces the appearance of redness.

Calm and Correct Pain Relief is the perfect solution to any skin irritation or skin damage including:

  • Sunburn Pain
  • Minor burns, scrapes or abraded skin
  • Skin Rash and Irritation
  • Itchy Skin
  • Post Procedure Pain (e.g. skin peels, laser treatments, actinic keratosis treatment, liquid nitrogen procedures, etc.

To rapidly and painlessly recover from any skin burn, sunburn, skin irritation, or pain caused  by medical and cosmetic procedures,  Calm and Correct Pain Relief Serum is the #1 "go-to" product to reach for. It should be in every medicine cabinet at home or at the office.

After-Tattoo Relief

If you are planning to get some new "ink", make sure you use Calm and Correct Pain Relief Serum. It's the best after-tattoo product on the market to relieve pain and itch from inflamed skin and help speed recovery. The advantages of this product are:

1. The serum is silicone based, NOT water based like creams and lotions. Because it doesn't contain any water it will NOT dilute the brilliant colors of the waer based ink in the tattoo.

2. The seurm's silicone formulation glides onto the skin with no rubbing and forms a protective layer that is neither sticky or tacky like petrolatum based ointments.

3. The gentle silicone formulation will not sting or irritate even when used on damaged skin immediately after tattooing.

4. The 3% lidocaine in the serum rapidly relieves itch and pain and the patented Therosol antioxidant will help reduce redness caused by inflammation and rashes.

What It Does

Calm and Correct Pain Relief Serum also contains 3 skin-friendly oils to rapidly moisturize skin and prevent dehydration. Finally, the product contains DermaMedics' patented Therosol antioxidant complex that blocks free radicals, soothes damaged skin, and reduces the appearance of redness.



Each formulation is uniquely engineered to address a specific skin concern.