Unlike most skin care companies, DermaMedics had its origins in a skin biochemistry research laboratory at the medical school of a major university. For over 8 years research studies conducted by Dr. Fuller in his laboratory focused on: 1) understanding the basis for inflammation induced skin disorders and skin aging, and 2) identifying natural compounds that could inhibit the inflammation process. This research led to the identification and patenting of several natural compounds that had remarkable bioactivity. This discovery led to the formation of DermaMedics.

The company makes these remarkable compounds available to the pharmaceutical industry under licensing arrangements. In addition, the same rigorous research methods that were used to identify these bioactive compounds are now being used to design skin care products that address a variety of skin concerns and which provide the best skin care solutions for extremely sensitive skin. Whether your skin is damaged by natural aging, by environmental factors such as wind, sun or pollution, or by skin problems such as, eczema, rosacea, acne psoriasis or burns, our products are specifically designed with the mildest ingredients. As a result they are so gentle that they can soothe even badly damaged skin without stinging or causing discomfort. In addition to using the gentlest ingredients along with high levels of moisturizers and humectants, all of our products contain DermaMedics’ proprietary and patented “small molecule actives” (SMA). These are powerful natural antioxidants that can inactivate skin damaging free radicals and by doing so provide many unique benefits that nurture the skin and help it achieve a healthy, youthful appearance. You can only get this patented technology in DermaMedics products, so help rejuvenate your skin and keep it looking healthy and youthful by using DermaMedics unique products now.

DermaMedics Products Offer Unmatched Benefits for Improving Skin Appearance

  • Only DermaMedics products contain the company’s patented and patent- pending technology and formulation development expertise.
  • Unlike most other skin care companies, DermaMedics products do not contain crude plant “extracts” containing hundreds of unknown chemicals that can cause skin sensitization.
  • DermaMedics designs and tests every formulation on human skin to not only optimize effectiveness, but to ensure sure that each formulation is extremely gentle and soothing when applied to skin regardless of the skin condition.
  • DermaMedics products have clinically proven benefits.

The Scientific Approach to Developing Skin Care Products

DermaMedics uses a common sense approach to developing each product. While not the least expensive or fastest method for designing skin care products, by adhering to three basic steps in formulation development, DermaMedics products offer unmatched performance. After all, building an effective skin care product is not a mystery: it simply requires following three basic steps in product development.

  • Use ingredients in the product that have been scientifically proven to improve skin appearance.
  • Use a precise and optimal amount of these ingredients in the formulation.
  • Design the formulation to deliver the beneficial ingredients efficiently to the skin's surface when applied topically.

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I have used the skin care products for several years and they are the best I have used!

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I have been using the products for a couple years now! Love the products. And I love the science behind the line.

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I love the products for the first time in years I don't have dry patches.

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