DermaMedics® Origins Rooted in Science

DermaMedics was founded in 2011 to commercialize the discoveries made in the research laboratory of the company’s founder, Dr. Bryan Fuller, while he was a professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in the College of Medicine at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. His research for over 30 years has been focused in two areas: 1) determining how the process of human pigmentation (tanning) is controlled, and 2) identifying the biochemical events that are involved in skin inflammation and skin aging. His research has been funded by NIH, NSF, and by many cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies. The result of his lengthy research career has been the issuance of over 20 patents both in the U.S. and worldwide.

Dr. Fuller’s interest in identifying natural compounds that could effectively treat skin diseases was the result of watching his father battle psoriasis. As is the case with almost all inflammatory dermatology diseases, the “go to” drugs of choice for treating psoriasis, eczema, and other forms of dermatitis have always been corticosteroids. And while they are effective, they cannot be used long term because of their potential negative side effects. While watching his father go through various treatments for psoriasis, none of which provided long-term relief, Dr. Fuller decided he would search for natural compounds that could effectively treat his dad’s psoriasis but could do so without causing any of the negative side effects associated with the use of corticosteroids.  To do this he developed a “drug screening” program in his laboratory that was similar to that used by pharmaceutical companies to discover new prescription dermatology drugs. However, in Dr. Fuller’s research, he focused on screening natural compounds instead of developing and screening synthetic drugs, which is the approach drug companies take. The end result of this 4-year screening program was the discovery of a “family” of “super antioxidant” compounds that were very potent inhibitors of various inflammatory mediators.

Once this discovery was made, patents were filed to protect their use in topical dermatology products, including Rx, OTC and cosmetic skin care products. These patents have issued in the U.S. and worldwide. For those interested in reviewing the patents, they can be found on the USPTO website ( ). The patent numbers are:

  1. 10,869,822; Compositions for treatment of dermatological diseases and conditions and methods of use thereof.
  2. 9,980,887; Compositions for use in treatment of hyperpigmentation and methods of use thereof.
  3. 9,622,950; Compositions for use in treatment of dermatologicals diseases and conditions.
  4. 9,616,006; Methods and compositions for treating dermatological diseases and conditions.

Dr. Fuller’s discovery of these natural compounds led to the formation of DermaMedics, a dermatology company that licensed Dr. Fuller’s discoveries. For the past 10 years, DermaMedics has focused on developing unique and beneficial skin care products. Further, through licensing agreements, DermaMedics makes the use of Dr. Fuller’s anti-inflammatory technology available to pharmaceutical drug companies that are developing topical drugs to treat skin diseases. In addition, the rigorous approach to skin science that Dr. Fuller developed many years ago is used by DermaMedics to create highly beneficial skin care products that contain patented “super antioxidant” technology. Because of our worldwide patents no other company can incorporate these natural antioxidant compounds into their own products. Only DermaMedics products contain this novel skin care technology.