Post Procedure Skin Care Kit

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kit has been specifically designed to address the pain-relieving needs of patients who have undergone medical procedures that can leave the skin damaged, broken, abraded or blistered.  System contains; 1 Foaming Facial Cleanser (5oz), 1 Calm & Correct Serum with 3% lidocaine (1.7 ounce), 1 two-ounce jar of Calming Cream, 1 Restorative Serum packet (3 ml) and 1 Restorative Lip Balm, all bundled into a travel kit.

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Foaming Facial Cleanser: Soap-free and pH-balanced cleanser contains gentle surfactants. The cleanser cleans thoroughly without drying or causing damage to the skin.

Calm and Correct: Provides rapid and non-greasy moisturization after LASER treatment.

Calm & Correct Cream: Prevents moisture loss without stickiness or greasiness.

Restorative Serum: Maintains the skin's youthful appearance.


Please refer to each product for it's use and directions.

What It Does

Many procedures, including LASER skin-resurfacing, chemical peels, dermabrasion are effective ways to restore youthfulness to aging skin. Laser resurfacing is based on the principle of "wounding" the skin. In the process of repairing the damage caused by the LASER procedure, the skin produces new collagen and elastin, thereby increasing the skin's resilience and elasticity.
There are two main types of LASERs used to re-surface skin; ABLATIVE and NON-ABLATIVE LASERs. Of the two, the ablative LASER produces more wounding and therefore, produces results which are usually superior to non-abalitve procedures. With both procedures, the repair process from the "wounding" event involves three phases: 1) the INFLAMMATORY phase, 2) the proliferative or REBUILDING phase and 3) the RE-MODELING phase. The major events occuring in the INFLAMMATORY PHASE include the production of a large number of inflammatory hormones increased production of enzymes that destroy damaged skin, the infiltration of immune cells, and the generation of large amounts of free radicals (called ROS). In a typical skin wound, the bulk of the INFLAMMATORY response peaks in a day or two. As the level of inflammation resides, the RE-BUILDING phase can begin. However, unlike a simple cut in the skin, the damage caused by LASER re-surfacing is extensive and because the surface of the skin is damaged, the skin can become extremely dehydrated and under-moisturized. This condition of dehydration EXTENDS the time of the INFLAMMATORY phase. Depending on the type of LASER procedure, which determines how much damage occurs to the skin's surface and therefore how much dehydration can occur, patients may have little or considerable discomfort for several days or more until the skin can repair its surface (stratum corneum) and thereby once again achieve normal moisturization and rehydration
DermaMedics Post Laser Treatment System has been designed to moisturize, and to help reduce water loss without the greasiness of typical products thereby providng the patient a more comfortable product to use after cosmetic procedures.



Each formulation is uniquely engineered to address a specific skin concern.