Complete After-Sun Rescue Bundle

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 For vacations to the mountains, the lake, the beach or pool, or anywhere where you’ll be out in the sun for prolonged times, after the day is over you may find that you forgot to apply enough sunscreen and now you have a SUNBURN. Don't worry! All you need is the the After-Sun Rescue Bundle to help your skin recover from the effects of the sun.

FOR SKIN THAT HAS HAD TOO MUCH SUN, DermaMedics has two "after-sun" products that are a must if you want relief from a painful sunburn and you want your skin to recover and be ready for another day in the sun! 

For skin that is BADLY SUNBURNED and painful to the touch, the ideal choice to relieve the pain and help the skin recover is  DERMARAD POST-RADIATION CALMING SERUM WITH LIDOCAINE. This unique serum is formulated with extremely gentle silicones. The product contains no emulsifiers (like all lotions and creams) that can sting badly when applied to sunburned skin. DermaRad Post-radiation Serum with lidocaine will glide onto the skin with no rubbing and within minutes will relieve pain.

If your burned skin needs even more relief, after applying the Post-Radiation Serum and after allowing it to absorb into the skin and relieve pain, DERMARAD RELIEF TOPICAL REHYDRATING EMULSION WITH LIDOCAINE AND ALLANTOIN can then be applied to the same burned area to provide even more long-lasting relief AND to protect burned skin. By applying these products every 3-4 hours, you'll get relief from sunburn pain and your skin will stay moisturized. You'll wake up the next day ready to continue your vacation.

The Sun Rescue Kit also contains our highly moisturizing DERMARAD RELIEF TOPICAL REHYDRATING EMULSION WITHOUT LIDOCAINE. This product is ideal for use BEFORE AND AFTER going out into the sun. The high levels of natural moisturizing oils will keep the skin hydrated and moisturized for hours. It can be applied prior to applying suncreen in the morning. Using it in the evening will nourish the skin and prepare it for another day in the sun. DermaMedics' patented antioxidant, Therosol, inactivates sun-induced free radicals and will help reduce the appearance of skin redness overnight. 

DermaMedics recommends using a UVA/UVB  sunscreen with an SPF of 30. Higher SPF numbers provide litte increased benefit and may cause irritation.

FOAMING FACIAL CLEANSER:  If you've gotten a little too much sun at the end of the day, the last thing you want to use as a cleanser is soap, which can dry and irritate sun-damaged skin.  DermaMedics' Foaming Facial Cleanser is soap-free and pH balanced to the pH of your skin. The Cleanser contains gentle, but effective surfactants that will clean away dirt and grime without stripping your skin of its natural oils. The Cleanser also contains moisturing humectants, including glycerin, that prevent the skin from becoming dehydrated.

RESTORATIVE LIP BALM Finally, this Rescue Bundle contains DermaMedics' highly moisturizing lip balm to provide all day protection for your lips to keep them from drying out and cracking. 

Bundle Includes:

DermaRad Relief Topical Rehydrating Emulison with 4% lidocaine and 1% allantoin- 4 oz

DermaRad Relief Topical Rehydrating Emulsion, 4oz

DermaRad Post Radiation Calming Serum with 3% Lidocaine, 1.7 oz

Foaming Facial Cleanser, 5 oz

Restorative Lip Balm 0.15 oz

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Each formulation is uniquely engineered to address a specific skin concern.